AGH Bedding Collection

A tastefully selected range of bed spreads, Duvet Insert (comforters), Mattress & Box Springs Protectors and Pillow & Pillow Protectors to suit all your budgets and preferences. Choose the right type for your property to enjoy great value for money and offer greater comfort to your guests. The easiest way of making your guests happy is by providing them a good bedding experience. For this, you will need the best hotel bedding collections. Buy premium quality Luxury bedding collections from our online store. Shop now & save!

Air Conditioner

At AGH Supply, we understand the importance of maintaining your hotel's reputation. That's why we offer a range of hotel-motel air conditioning units that are not only easy to operate but also thoughtfully designed with your guests' comfort in mind. Our units are multi-seasonal, ensuring that your guests stay cozy all year round. We know that controlling operational costs is crucial for your business. That's why we provide energy-efficient units that help you save on expenses while keeping your guests satisfied. With our cost-effective deals, you can invest in top-quality air conditioners without breaking the bank. Choose from a diverse selection of through-the-wall or window air conditioning units, all available in various sizes, models, and cooling capacities, perfectly suited for commercial use. Whether you need electric heat or a heat pump, we have you covered. As a wholesale supplier of hotel air conditioner units in the USA, we take pride in offering premium products at competitive prices. You can trust us to deliver the best solutions for your hotel's air conditioning needs. Explore our online store and discover AC units for sale, including the best through-the-wall air conditioner options. Elevate your guests' experience with our hotel air conditioners, backed by top-notch service and support. Shop now and save with AGH Supply!

Bath Towels

Experience the epitome of comfort with our exquisite hotel collection towels, where every tired hotel guest can find solace. At AGH Supply, we provide top-notch hotel bath towels that will make your visitors feel at home, whether they stay for a week or just a night. We understand that choosing the right bath towels for your hotels, motels, spa, or bathrooms requires careful consideration, and that's why we offer a variety of hotel collection towels, including hand towels, bath towels, washcloths, pool towels, and bath mats. From plush hand towels and luxurious bath towels to soft wash cloths, pool towels, and bath mats, our collection caters to every preference. Our towels vary in thickness, size, and price ranges, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your establishment. Whether you opt for our Economy (86/14) blend polyester-cotton mix towels or our premium 100% comb cotton high Wellington towels, each one is crafted with the finest cotton fiber, ensuring maximum absorbency and durability. AGH Supply understands the importance of cotton fiber type & count, absorbency, and durability in delivering the best bath towels for your guests. That's why we offer high-quality bath towels in bulk, so you can ensure every guest experiences the utmost comfort during their stay. We are also well aware of the expectations of your valued guests, and with our wholesale bath towels suppliers, we are here to support you in elevating your guest experience. Let us be your trusted partner in providing exceptional hotel towels that leave a lasting impression. Experience maximum absorbency, maximum durability, and the finest cotton fiber in every towel we offer. For hotel collection towels that exude luxury, contact AGH Supply today – we're just a call away!

Bed Bug Heat Doctor

AGH Supply's have vast collection of Bed Bug Heat Doctor products. your ultimate solution to eliminate bed bugs effectively and efficiently. Our electric bed bug heaters are designed to reach the necessary temperature to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs without causing any damage to your furnishings. Say goodbye to traditional pest control methods and chemicals that may inconvenience your guests and opt for the Bed Bug Heat Doctor – a safe, eco-friendly, and highly effective solution. With our bed bug heaters for sale, you can now maintain a pest-free environment for your guests and safeguard your hotel's reputation. At AGH Supply, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, and our Bed Bug Heat Doctor products are no exception. Experience the unparalleled performance of our electric bed bug heaters and ensure a bug-free experience for your guests. Invest in the best – explore our Bed Bug Heat Doctor collection and make the smart choice for your hotel's pest control needs. Shop now and say goodbye to bed bugs once and for all!

Bed Frames - Platform Bed

A Platform Bed Frames or Platform bed base must complement the interiors of a guest room. Made with heavy-duty metal, these bed bases are so durable that they will turn your investment into profit. They come in different sizes & types. But the good news is our Queen bed frame perfectly fits a full-size bed, saving you from investing in two sizes.

Bed Sheets & Pillow Case

Want the guests to rave about their stay at your property? Give them the best bed linen. No matter what kind of property you have, make sure you add a touch of care and commitment by thoughtfully purchasing bed sheets & pillow cases. Available in different patterns, sizes, colors & fabrics, AGH Supply has left no stone unturned in making sure you find bed linen to suit your taste and budget. The easiest way of making your guests happy is by providing them a good bedding experience. For this, you will need the best bed sheets and pillowcases. AGH Supply brings to you a collection of white, color, stripe and soft sheets and pillowcases. AGH Supply has a vast hotel bedding collection of Decorative Top Sheets, Duvet inserts, Fleece Blanket, Mattress & Box Springs Protectors, Mattress Pad, Pillow & Pillow Protectors to suit all your budgets and preferences. Full, Queen and King size wholesale bed sheets available. AGH Supply is a wholesale supplier of hotel sheets in the USA. Here is a list of T200 and T250 sheets and pillowcases to chose from. Order your favorite today!

Can Liner

Can Liners – a necessity you should equip yourself with, at the earliest! Our Made in USA can liners meet the standard you need for an effective waste management at your property. Be it for use in guest room, breakfast area, kitchen or outdoors, we have all size variants for all kinds of spaces and trash. When it comes to cleanliness, you must leave no stone unturned at a hotel. AGH Supply brings to you an easy solution - high quality can liners. We have an array of can liners varying in size and purpose - guestroom use, kitchen use, breakfast area and outdoors. Made in USA, these can liners meet the standard you need for an effective waste management at your property.

Cleaning Supplies

Having a well equipped and organized house-keeping department can ensure A better service to the guests. AGH Supply offers a wide range of cleaning supplies, from gloves to chemicals and microfiber cloth. Make your hotel and clean and happy place by picking the right tools for the job. Buy cleaning supplies from our online store at best price. We are wholesale Supplier of Cleaning Supplies for Hotels & motels in usa. Shop now & save!

Coffee & Condiments

According to reports, America has over 150 million adults who drink coffee every day. However, how they like their coffee is an individual matter. Some like regular, some decaf, some espresso, some latte, and others just have it cold. Catering to every guests' coffee fancy is next to impossible. AGH Supply presents a variety of tea and coffee for your guests to pick and choose from. Besides tea and coffee, we also have a variety of condiment kits to add flavor to the beverages. Order from AGH Supply to let your guests personalize their perfect hot cups each morning! Besides the variants in tea & coffee flavors, we offer condiment kits so that you can let your guests personalize their beverages, and be pleasantly refreshed. Enjoy the benefit of paying less for more, with our attractive deals.


Be it for drinking water or beverages, every hotel property needs cups. In fact, loads of them. AGH Supply presents a varied selection of disposable cups made from plastic and foam. These are strong enough to carry a hot beverage, and thick enough to keep your guests safe. We offer size ranges from 5 ounces to 9 ounces. Besides, we also have options of individually wrapped cups that can be used in special spaces like the lobby or guest rooms. AGH Supply also offers the choice of wrapped and individually wrapped cups, for special use like in the lobby or guest rooms. AGH Supply wholesale suppliers of plastic cups, foam cups and ripple cups at wholesale prices. also offers an inclusive choice of hotel disposable cups.


Simplify and accelerate your hotel business with the latest in electronic equipment & appliances. For guest room electronics, choose what makes the stay more convenient, and your hospitality, more cost-effective and quality-driven.

Guest Room Accessories

Let your guests know that you care, by purchasing essentials from our extensive spread of guest room accessories. While we provide you with value for money, you offer your guests an experience that they would love to come back to!

Guest Room Amenities

The more hotel amenities you provide, the happier the guests will be. AGH Supply, one of the leading hospitality supply companies in the US, offers a gamut of wholesale hotel amenities to choose from. We have a host of personal grooming essentials for both sexes. Face-packs, make-up cleansing towelettes, solution for women and razors, shoe cleaners, deodorants, shaving cream, and gel for men. Besides these, we have guest room essentials like soap, shampoo, conditioners, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and much more! Hotel, resort, lodge, B&B, or a vacation rental, whichever property you may run or own, our hotel toiletries wholesale supplies are designed and packaged to impress. One of our most sold products includes premium quality soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Give attention to every detail when it comes to guest room amenities because these little offerings make help the guests form an opinion. To ensure a good one, pick the most suitable amenities from our broad selection of products. If you need any help in picking the right products for your property, we are just a call away!


Define your hotel's style by providing stylish accessories. AGH Supply, one of the leading hotel motel supply companies in the US, brings to you stylish hotel hangers in bulk. We deal in metal clothes hangers wholesale to provide the best possible price range. We host a variety of hangers for you to chose from - hangers for men, women, and hanger rings. Contact us or place your order now! AGH Supply has a superb collection of hangers for hotels and motels at wholesale price. Buy Hangers in bulk from our online store. Shop now & save!

Hardware Supplies

Value oriented or luxurious, every hotel needs hardware solutions to run smoothly. Our operational supplies and equipment aren’t just robust, user-friendly and promote self-sufficiency, they also come with AGH Supply service guarantee which means there will never be a slowdown. We offer an array of hardware supplies, from crib, trash cans, privacy door latch, bellman's cart, housekeeping cart, laundry cart, to luggage cart, and much more! Each of these items are designed to make the service of your hotel smooth and quick. As hotel hardware suppliers, our job is to bring to you equipment's that make your staff and your service quicker and more efficient. We are hotel hardware wholesale suppliers. Which means you will get the hotel and motel equipment at the best prices possible. Call us today or order now!

Hookless Shower Curtains

Add a flair to bathrooms with hookless shower curtains. Also, improve the bathing experience of the guests, with a range of value added features. AGH Supply lets you make a smart investment with some great deals on a variety of hookless shower curtains.

Hotel Lighting Products

Our collection of hotel lighting products are perfect for guest rooms. They not only look versatile but also give enough light to guests while they read or relax on the bed. Our hotel table lamps come with a convenience outlet for you to connect their electronic device. Additionally, our hotel desk lamps come with a USB port which allows users to charge their mobile devices too. AGH Supply has a variety of hotel lighting products for you to pick from - twin table lamps, twin desk lamps, floor lamps, double wall-mount lamps, and single wall-mount lamps. Each lamp is designed in a way to suit any decor. This means the aesthetics of your hotel room will only be enhanced with the addition of these lamps. The shades are made of linen that maintains the brightness of the lamp while keeping it soft to the eyes. Give your guests the soft and bright comforts with AGH Supply's lighting collection. AGH Supply is one of the leading hotel supply companies in the US. Our portfolio of over 500 products has been curated keeping in mind quality and price. Contact us today to know more.

Hotel Safe

DUSAW hotel safes have a reputation for quality, ease of use, and reliability, and can currently be found in many of the nation’s leading hospitality chains, hotel management companies and hotel ownership groups. The DUSAW hotel room safe comes fully-loaded with security features designed to deter theft. From its seamless body design to its motorized locking mechanism to its two anti-drill rotating bolts, the hotel room safe is beneficial to everyone in your organization because it keeps valuables out of plain sight. The hotel safe gives guests peace of mind and reliably protects what matters most to them. However, the safe was also designed to help hotel managers save valuable staff time and money in the instances when guests have forgotten their safe codes or when safe electronics malfunction.

Paper Products