Mattress & Box Springs Protectors

One of the biggest challenges every hotel faces is keeping their mattresses dust and bug-free. To make this easier for you, AGH Supply offers a wide range of mattress and box spring encasements in various sizes to fit all kinds of beds. Made with premium quality polyester, these bed bug mattress covers are zippered and waterproof thus providing superior defense against infestation and liquid spillage. Along with reliable and long-lasting protection, the comfortable and bug-resistant fabric ensures the beds are neat, easy-to-handle, safe and aesthetically pleasing too. Every hotel needs to be proactive when it comes to the protection of the mattresses as well as guests. That is why, AGH Supply offers Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers in various sizes to fit all kinds of beds.

AGH Supply offers the best bed bug mattress cover for comprehensive protection. Complementing our waterproof & non waterproof mattress protectors, these essentials form part of our top-tier hotel bedding collection. Our commitment extends to quality with our bed bug mattress encasement and other protective solutions. Elevate guest comfort and maintain impeccable standards with AGH Supply’s premium mattress covers and a wide array of essential hotel supplies.