Privacy Door Latch

The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Latch (HPDL) is recommended to be used in environments with corridors to room openings such as hotels, dormitories, apartments and even private residences. The ball bearing door latch allows the door to be partially opened for identification while providing privacy and security for the resident. The privacy latch in the open position, cannot be used to hold the door open. The silicone pads provides additional protection for the door and absorbs noise when the latch is closed forcefully. The HPDL is UL classified as a fire door accessory. It also meets the requirement of NFPA [NFPA 80 5.2 13.3 and NFPA 80] that requires auxiliary hardware to not interfere or prohibit the proper operation of fire doors, and that doors are not blocked or wedged in the open position. This hotel door latch is also ADA Compliant. Rivet nuts and matching screws are included for a more secure and rigid installation option (rivet nut tool not included). Shop Hotel Privacy Door Latch from one of the best hotel & motel supplies at Lowest Price. AGH Supply has the finest selection of Hotel Privacy Door Latches.