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Looking for disposable vinyl gloves with the fit and feel of latex gloves? We have you covered. We offer both industrial and exam grade vinyl gloves in different varieties. Vinyl helps reduce adverse health reactions, such as latex allergies, and can be used for activities that require frequent changes of gloves. Our disposable vinyl gloves line-up is no exception. Vinyl exam gloves are latex-free and offer superb strength, durability and barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens. They are FDA approved for medical use in industries such as medical, dental, childcare, and senior care. The industrial grade vinyl is suited for food service, food handling, plumbing, janitorial, agriculture, paint and other industrial applications. Add an additional layer of protection with our powder free, Anti-Microbial vinyl gloves, perfect for all food service and food processing applications.

Air Freshener

Hygienic and fresh fragrance always pleases the guests. Let every corner of your property exude freshness and bring you more business - with AGH Supply's hotel Air Fresheners. The better your hotel- motel rooms smell, the more are the chances that your guests will never forget your and your hospitality. Buy more to enjoy bigger savings, while also maintaining a fragrance throughout your property that subtly reminds the guests of you and your graciousness. Buy air freshener for your hotels in bulk online from AGH Supply store at best price in USA.

Chemicals & Laundry Supplies

hotel laundry supplies, wholesale chemical supply, wholesale laundry supply, wholesale clorox bleach As a hotelier, you would never want to compromise on the products that help you maintain the bath and bed linen. Choose from our complete line of the most trusted laundry cleaning bleach liquids, powders, softeners and stain removers. Make sure your linens are always fresh, clean and smell as great as new, for a very long time. We are leading wholesale suppliers of laundry chemicals for hotels. Buy now laundry chemicals from our online store.

Micro-Fiber Cloths

A unique combination of two strong fibers, polyester, and polyamide, microfiber cloth is soon becoming the preferred material for cleaning in various sectors. What makes this popular and supremely efficient are the densely constructed fibers, 1/16 of human hair. They immediately trap dust, dirt, and grime, leaving a pristine surface. Various types of microfiber cloth are available in accordance to use. AGH Supply offers microfiber cloth that can be used with or without chemicals. The filaments are positively charged while the dust particles are negatively charged. When used dry, the microfiber acts like a dust magnet. When made wet, with water or chemical, the fibers become formidable scrubbers easily tackling the toughest grime. Our microfiber towels contain 200,000 fibers per square inch and can hold 7 times their weight in liquid. Each towel is 16*16 in size, reusable and comes in four different colors - blue, green, white, and yellow. Buy wholesale Microfiber Towels from our online store at best price in USA.

Spray Bottle

Made with superior quality plastic, these spray bottles are robust and easy to operate. The Nozzle or the trigger can be purchased separately, making the replacements also convenient in the future. So, if one of the parts, either the bottle or the trigger, gets damaged or worn out, only that part needs to be replaced. Buy spray bottles at wholesale Price from our online store. We are leading wholesale suppliers of plastic spray bottles for hotels.

Having a well equipped and organized house-keeping department can ensure A better service to the guests. AGH Supply offers a wide range of cleaning supplies, from gloves to chemicals and microfiber cloth. Make your hotel and clean and happy place by picking the right tools for the job. Buy cleaning supplies from our online store at best price. We are wholesale Supplier of Cleaning Supplies for Hotels & motels in usa. Shop now & save!