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Housekeeping Cart

Housekeeping cart is as much a need as an asset. Huge bag capacity for waste or linen collection, 8 adjustable compartments for greater organization and secure holders to safely keep supplies are only a few of the features that make this cart, a commercial success. It comes with two vinyl bags to get you started. Order for more in bulk wholesale prices.

Trash Can Indoor/Outdoor

Trash is generated everywhere, everyday. More so in hotels where trash comes out of every room that has been occupied. Additionally, trash is generated from outdoors, kitchen, reception, and other places. AGH Supply, one of the leading hospitality supply companies in the US, brings to you sturdy and durable commercial trash cans. We have metal trash cans in different varieties to suit your different needs. Indoor trash cans, outdoor trash cans, pole smokers, you name it and we have it. Our stainless steel trash cans are best trash cans for hotel use. Buy Indoor and Outdoor Trash Cans for Hotels and Motels at Lowest Price from our online store. Order today or contact us for more details.

Laundry Cart | Commercial Laundry Cart

Experience unprecedented convenience with our laundry carts, designed to transform your hotel or motel's laundry management. Crafted for durability and ease of use, our laundry carts on wheels redefine mobility and efficiency. Whether you're in need of a small or large rolling laundry basket, our versatile collection caters to all sizes as per your needs. Ideal for large-scale operations, our commercial laundry carts offer ample storage capacity, streamlining processes for a seamless and productive experience. At AGH Supply, we extend our offerings beyond laundry essentials. Explore our hardware collection for hotels and motels, providing a complete solution to enhance your establishment. Elevate your laundry operations with the convenience of our laundry carts while discovering a range of other essential hardware. Browse our selection to find the perfect laundry cart that suits your specific requirements, maintaining the durability and quality you expect from AGH Supply.

Privacy Door Latch

The Cal-Royal Hotel Privacy Door Latch (HPDL) is recommended to be used in environments with corridors to room openings such as hotels, dormitories, apartments and even private residences. The ball bearing door latch allows the door to be partially opened for identification while providing privacy and security for the resident. The privacy latch in the open position, cannot be used to hold the door open. The silicone pads provides additional protection for the door and absorbs noise when the latch is closed forcefully. The HPDL is UL classified as a fire door accessory. It also meets the requirement of NFPA [NFPA 80 5.2 13.3 and NFPA 80] that requires auxiliary hardware to not interfere or prohibit the proper operation of fire doors, and that doors are not blocked or wedged in the open position. This hotel door latch is also ADA Compliant. Rivet nuts and matching screws are included for a more secure and rigid installation option (rivet nut tool not included). Shop Hotel Privacy Door Latch from one of the best hotel & motel supplies at Lowest Price. AGH Supply has the finest selection of Hotel Privacy Door Latches.

Other Hardware

AGH Supply would hate to see you running around for small hardware solutions, especially the ones needed for bathrooms. From stainless steel towel holders in the form of shelves or bars, to Plastic Rollers for holding tissue, we present to you everything at a great price.


Luggage Rack

Make packing and unpacking the easiest task for your guests with these foldable luggage racks, available in different colors and sizes. The four thick straps on the racks can hold all bag sizes, even the heavy big suitcases. Fold and easily slide them under the bed to save space.


Buy the best folding beds for your property because an extra guest is always welcome, and every guest deserves greater comfort. Find the standard size rollaway beds and mattress to fit, with AGH Supply, at a wonderful price.

Baby Crib

A portable, foldable, compact Baby Crib, with a durable metal construction to create a safe little haven for the infants. Easy to fold, stow and set up again, it comes with a comfortable mattress and cover, so that your guests are completely worry-free about the comfort and care of their child. The traditional look of the crib is completed with all the modern methods to give a cost-effective, value-oriented solution for your property. AGH Supply brings to you wholesale baby cribs that will be perfect for guests arriving with their infant. Hotel baby cribs become important when guests are bringing their babies along. In such cases, providing a crib will be a huge help to the guests, and they will go home impressed by your service . Buy various best quality hotel baby cribs from AGH Supply at wholesale prices, free shipping and superior services. So, what are you waiting for? Order baby cribs online from AGH Supply today!

Bellman's Cart

The traditional birdcage hotel luggage carts never go out of style! Constructed with highest quality stainless steel giving it a lustrous silver finish, this hotel bellman cart has been designed to upgrade your hotel lobby with proficient luggage handling, fast service and easy access to different places within the property. Luggage carts for hotels not only make functioning easier, it also impresses seeing the smooth functioning at the hotel. Shop hotel bell carts from one of the best hotel & motel supplies.

Shower Head

A good or bad bathing experience depends a lot on the shower head and its ease of use. Buy a good quality, long-lasting, rust-proof hotel shower head from AGH Supply and let your guests enjoy long, soothing baths. We provide the best hotel shower heads at wholesale prices, which means you will get best quality, at best possible price. Order today, or contact us now for more details!

Value oriented or luxurious, every hotel needs hardware solutions to run smoothly. Our operational supplies and equipment aren’t just robust, user-friendly and promote self-sufficiency, they also come with AGH Supply service guarantee which means there will never be a slowdown. We offer an array of hardware supplies, from crib, trash cans, privacy door latch, bellman's cart, housekeeping cart, laundry cart, to luggage cart, and much more! Each of these items are designed to make the service of your hotel smooth and quick. As hotel hardware suppliers, our job is to bring to you equipment's that make your staff and your service quicker and more efficient. We are hotel hardware wholesale suppliers. Which means you will get the hotel and motel equipment at the best prices possible. Call us today or order now!