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Men's Hangers

Use the smart design of these hangers to impress the men who are staying at your hotel. The slanted arms are ideal for hanging coats and suits. The notches are meant to hang straps or ties. And then, there is the bar, strong enough to hold pants, without wrinkling them. Choose the ball top hangers to avoid thefts, and the open hook ones, to combine style and versatility together. Hangers too can be a style statement for your hotel. The more practical and smart they are, the better impression you make on your guests. AGH Supply, one of the leading hospitality supply companies in the US, presents bulk mens clothes hangers and men's coat racks. Buy hangers in bulk and get them at the best prices possible. Contact us now to know more or order now! Buy clothes hangers in bluk from our Online store at lowest price !

Women's Hangers

Since every style of clothing requires different kind of care, we have hanger designs that are more suitable for women and their garments. While the notches save the tops/shirts from sliding down, the clips provided at the bar are gentle with delicate fabrics. Choose the color that goes best with your guestroom décor and offer space-saving, sturdy ad stylish hanging solution to your guests. One way of impressing your guests is to let them know you value their valuables. Provide a variety of women's hangers to your female guests and immediately get into their good books. AGH Supply, one of the leading hotel supply companies in the US, brings to you the best hangers for women's clothes. They not only look good, but are high in quality, and practical in use. We are clothes hangers wholesalers, which means you can buy hangers in bulk at the lowest price possible. Contact us or order now!

Hanger Rings

AGH Supply, one of the the leading hotel supply companies in the US, brings to you high quality, sturdy, and beautiful rings hangers and split ring hangers. Buy these clothes hangers in bulk to enjoy the best prices possible. The solid material makes these hanger rings a professional solution to fit any dowel or rod, under 1.5” width. Be it removable or fixed hanger bars, their design makes them a perfect installation for wooden hangers in your hotel. We are leading wholesale suppliers of hanger rings for hotels. Buy hangers in bulk from our Online store at lowest price!

Define your hotel's style by providing stylish accessories. AGH Supply, one of the leading hotel motel supply companies in the US, brings to you stylish hotel hangers in bulk. We deal in metal clothes hangers wholesale to provide the best possible price range. We host a variety of hangers for you to chose from - hangers for men, women, and hanger rings. Contact us or place your order now! AGH Supply has a superb collection of hangers for hotels and motels at wholesale price. Buy Hangers in bulk from our online store. Shop now & save!