Coffee & Condiments

According to reports, America has over 150 million adults who drink coffee every day. However, how they like their coffee is an individual matter. Some like regular, some decaf, some espresso, some latte, and others just have it cold. Catering to every guests’ coffee fancy is next to impossible. AGH Supply presents a variety of tea and coffee for your guests to pick and choose from. Besides tea and coffee, we also have a variety of condiment kits to add flavor to the beverages. Order from AGH Supply to let your guests personalize their perfect hot cups each morning! Besides the variants in tea & coffee flavors, we offer condiment kits so that you can let your guests personalize their beverages, and be pleasantly refreshed. Enjoy the benefit of paying less for more with our attractive deals on hotel coffee packets

Don’t forget to explore our range of coffee machines, perfect for complementing your hotel’s beverage offerings. And while you’re at it, discover our other hotel supplies to elevate every aspect of guest comfort and satisfaction.