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Coastal Protection E-TAC II - 42" Cooling & Heat Pump Units

Introducing our state-of-the-art Cooling with Electric Heating Air Conditioner Unit - PTAX/ETAC II with Heat Pump and Coastal Protection. Designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability, this cutting-edge unit is perfect for hotels seeking optimal climate control solutions. Available in 7000 BTU, 9000 BTU, 12000 BTU, and 15000 BTU options, catering to various room sizes and preferences. At AGH Supply, we take pride in offering premium hotel supplies, and our Cooling with Electric Heating Air Conditioner Unit is no exception. Elevate your guests' experience with reliable and efficient climate control, tailored to meet their needs. Trust in AGH Supply, your go-to wholesale supplier of hotel supplies, to deliver excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. Enhance your hotel's ambiance and provide a memorable stay for your guests with our top-tier air conditioning solutions. Explore the options and discover the perfect fit for your hotel's cooling and heating requirements. Don't compromise on comfort – choose AGH Supply and make your guests' comfort a top priority. Shop now and experience the difference!

Coastal Protection E-TAC II - 42" Cooling With Electric Heat Units

Introducing our Cooling with Electric Heating Air Conditioner Unit - PTAX/ETAC with Coastal Protection, designed to deliver exceptional comfort and performance for your hotel's cooling and heating needs. This powerful unit combines cooling and electric heating capabilities, making it ideal for versatile climate control throughout the year. Available in 7000 BTU, 9000 BTU, 12000 BTU, and 15000 BTU options to suit various room sizes and requirements. Our Cooling with Electric Heating Air Conditioner Units are the perfect addition to any hotel rooms, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your guests' ultimate relaxation. Trust in the quality and reliability of AGH Supply, your trusted wholesale supplier of hotel supplies. Enhance your guests' experience and elevate your hotel's comfort with our premium air conditioning solutions. Shop now and offer an unforgettable stay with AGH Supply!

26" -T2600 Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner Units

Through-the-wall air conditioners offer superior cooling capacity compared to their window counterparts. With higher BTUs and more efficient fans, these wall units can quickly cool a room, providing a refreshing escape from the heat. We have a wide range of through-the-wall air conditioners is available in 7000, 9000, 12000, and 15000 BTUs, catering to various room sizes and requirements. 7000 BTU air conditioner is ideal for a 300 sq.ft. room, a 12000 BTU unit is perfect for a 550 sq.ft. room. Their internal thermostats also have the ability to shut off when the room reaches a certain temperature, saving you money in utility costs. AGH Supply takes pride in being a wholesale through-the-wall air conditioner supplier, offering a wide selection of 26” best through-the-wall air conditioners with heat for hotels and motels. Our units not only deliver premium performance but also fit within your budget, ensuring your guests' comfort remains a top priority. Don't miss out on our top-quality air conditioners units. browse our online Hotel supply store and find the perfect fit for your needs. With our AC units for sale, purchasing the best through-the-wall air conditioner has never been easier. Shop now and enjoy exceptional cooling solutions while saving on energy costs. Buy premium quality air conditioners from our online store. Shop now & save! Experience the AGH Supply difference today!

E-TAC Accessories

The E-TAC Air Conditioner Accessories offered by AGH Supply are a fantastic addition to their premium line of attractive architectural louvered grilles. These accessories are designed to enhance the appearance of any building, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Crafted from durable, extruded aluminum with a baked enamel finish containing 50% Kynar resin, these louvered grilles are built to withstand rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance. The convenience of easy installation from inside the room makes these louvered grilles a practical choice, eliminating the need for long ladders or expensive aerial lifts. Their secure mounting to the rear of the wall sleeve ensures a stable and reliable fit. Moreover, these grilles exceed the minimum free area requirement (65%) specified by most PTAC manufacturers, ensuring optimal airflow and ventilation. In conclusion, AGH Supply's E-TAC Air Conditioner Accessories offer both style and functionality, making them an excellent investment for any hotel or commercial building. With these accessories, you can elevate your building's appearance and create a comfortable and inviting environment for your guests.

At AGH Supply, we understand the importance of maintaining your hotel's reputation. That's why we offer a range of hotel-motel air conditioning units that are not only easy to operate but also thoughtfully designed with your guests' comfort in mind. Our units are multi-seasonal, ensuring that your guests stay cozy all year round. We know that controlling operational costs is crucial for your business. That's why we provide energy-efficient units that help you save on expenses while keeping your guests satisfied. With our cost-effective deals, you can invest in top-quality air conditioners without breaking the bank. Choose from a diverse selection of through-the-wall or window air conditioning units, all available in various sizes, models, and cooling capacities, perfectly suited for commercial use. Whether you need electric heat or a heat pump, we have you covered. As a wholesale supplier of hotel air conditioner units in the USA, we take pride in offering premium products at competitive prices. You can trust us to deliver the best solutions for your hotel's air conditioning needs. Explore our online store and discover AC units for sale, including the best through-the-wall air conditioner options. Elevate your guests' experience with our hotel air conditioners, backed by top-notch service and support. Shop now and save with AGH Supply!