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Duvet Insert | Hotel Duvet Insert

AGH Supply is a wholesale supplier of high-quality duvet inserts, meticulously crafted to enhance the comfort and luxury of your guests' sleep experience. Our collection features a range of sizes and colors, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for every bed in your hotel or motel. Indulge your guests with our fluffy and soft duvet inserts, designed to provide the ultimate warmth and coziness. Available in Full, Queen, and King sizes, our duvet inserts are crafted with care to meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. Upgrade your hotel's bedding offerings with AGH Supply's premium duvet inserts and elevate the guest experience to new heights of comfort and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive selection. As a wholesale supplier based in the USA, we specialize in providing high-quality bedding collections, including pillows, protective pillow covers, mattress pads, decorative top sheets, fleece blankets, and mattresses. tailored specifically for the hospitality industry.

Fleece Blanket

AGH Supply's micro fleece blanket adds warmth to the experience of your guests at your hotel. Exuberating style and flamboyance, these blankets will pamper your guests with a cozy and cuddly stay. Available in different sizes and price ranges, these fleece blankets have been curated keeping in mind your budget and preferences. Full, Queen and King size hotel fleece blankets. AGH Supply is a wholesale supplier of microfleece blankets in the USA.

Mattress & Box Springs Protectors

One of the biggest challenges every hotel faces is keeping their mattresses dust and bug-free. To make this easier for you, AGH Supply offers a wide range of mattress and box spring encasements in various sizes to fit all kinds of beds. Made with premium quality polyester, these bed bug mattress covers are zippered and waterproof thus providing superior defense against infestation and liquid spillage. Along with reliable and long-lasting protection, the comfortable and bug-resistant fabric ensures the beds are neat, easy-to-handle, safe and aesthetically pleasing too. Every hotel needs to be proactive when it comes to the protection of the mattresses as well as guests. That is why, AGH Supply offers Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers in various sizes to fit all kinds of beds. AGH Supply offers the best bed bug mattress cover for comprehensive protection. Complementing our waterproof & non waterproof mattress protectors, these essentials form part of our top-tier hotel bedding collection. Our commitment extends to quality with our bed bug mattress encasement and other protective solutions. Elevate guest comfort and maintain impeccable standards with AGH Supply's premium mattress covers and a wide array of essential hotel supplies.

Mattress Pad

Enhance the comfort of the guests and ensure greater protection of the mattress with AGH quilted mattress pads. Meant for a perfect fit with elasticated bands, these are water-resistant, washable, easy to maintain and easy to showcase to the guests, that you really care about. Every guest looks forward to comfortable sleep in a hotel guestroom. AGH Supply is here to help you make that happen. We offer quilted mattress pads that not only keep your guests comfortable but also ensure greater protection of your expensive mattresses. The elastic bands on all four corners of the mattress pads help them to stay put in one place. The mattress pads are also water-resistant, which means no liquid spillage will be able to reach the mattress, thus increasing the durability of the mattress. Full, Queen and King size mattress pads available.

Pillow & Pillow Protectors

A pillow can turn a bed into paradise. No matter what kind of sleepers your guests are, they will always appreciate a comfortable pillow. AGH Supply offers the USA’s favorite platinum plus, poly-fiber pillows at a great price. Choose the right size pillow for greater comfort. And if it is a relaxing retreat that you are looking for, go for our Pillow Comforel. These are made of cluster fiber which provides that extra cushioning to take the comfort level all the way up! Protect your pillows with AGH Supply’s pillow protectors. The 55/44 blend pillow cover comes with a hidden zipper. Pillow protectors help to stop dust mites and can also help prevent the spread of bed bugs. AGH Supply is a wholesale supplier of Pillows & Pillow Protectors.

Decorative Top Sheets

Discover a stylish range of Decorative Top Sheets integrated with Scarf at the best prices to complement the personality of your guest rooms. made out of 100% Polyester Material. AGH Supply offers an array of decorative top sheets with and without scarf. These sheets, made of 100% polyester, are designed to complement your guestroom and come at attractive prices. AGH Supply is wholesale suppliers of Decorative Top Sheets in USA. Buy premium quality Decorative Top Sheets from our online store. Shop now & save!

A tastefully selected range of bed spreads, Duvet Insert (comforters), Mattress & Box Springs Protectors and Pillow & Pillow Protectors to suit all your budgets and preferences. Choose the right type for your property to enjoy great value for money and offer greater comfort to your guests. The easiest way of making your guests happy is by providing them a good bedding experience. For this, you will need the best hotel bedding collections. Buy premium quality Luxury bedding collections from our online store. Shop now & save!