Micro-Fiber Cloths

A unique combination of two strong fibers, polyester, and polyamide, microfiber cloth is soon becoming the preferred material for cleaning in various sectors. What makes this popular and supremely efficient are the densely constructed fibers, 1/16 of human hair. They immediately trap dust, dirt, and grime, leaving a pristine surface. Various types of microfiber cloth are available in accordance to use. AGH Supply offers microfiber cloth that can be used with or without chemicals. The filaments are positively charged while the dust particles are negatively charged. When used dry, the microfiber acts like a dust magnet. When made wet, with water or chemical, the fibers become formidable scrubbers easily tackling the toughest grime. Our microfiber towels contain 200,000 fibers per square inch and can hold 7 times their weight in liquid. Each towel is 16*16 in size, reusable and comes in four different colors – blue, green, white, and yellow. Buy wholesale Microfiber Towels from our online store at best price in USA.