Use good quality coffee beans: Provide your guests with Good Quality Coffee beans for they are a power to reckon with. Even though it might not be the precise taste that every guest likes, a good quality coffee will not upset anyone.


Get the right coffee machine: The Coffee Maker will decide how the coffee brews and eventually tastes. Invest in the right machine that enables you to adjust water and coffee ratio easily.


Keep the machine clean: An unkempt machine, irrespective of the brand, can spoil the coffee. Check and clean the water filters in the machine regularly so that each cup of coffee is made with clean water.


Keep the coffee fresh: Exposing Coffee to oxygen makes it stale and lose its aroma. Ensure the beans are in a closed container and only the required quantity is removed each time. No point in investing in good quality beans only to make them tasteless.


Training the staff: A badly made coffee is no coffee at all. Train your staff in operating the machine to optimize its use. Remember that making a cup of good coffee is an art too. Teach your staff to be artistic.