10 Things Every Hotel Room Must Have

Guests must feel the utmost comfort during their stay at your hotel for them to return and pass around the positive word of mouth. Yes, comfort comes with the quality of mattress that they sleep on, color coordination in the room, ambiance and interior design. However, comfort has also to do with the little things or arrangements in the room. Your guests’ experience at your hotel will be much better if you have in place the little things that they might need. Here is a list of 10 little must-haves in a hotel/motel room.


We may be in the mobile-phone-for-age but we also need to be able to take a break from phones. Bedtime is the most convenient time to do that. Placing an Alarm Clock by the bed will enable guests to take some time off the technology and ease out some phone fatigue.

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Coffeelovers take their coffee very seriously and not having a coffee to their liking is a downer for many. Providing a Coffee-Maker eliminates this unpleasant experience. Guests can make their coffee instead of having to order from the pantry and hope hard it turns out good.

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Extra Bath Towels

Yes, we don’t use multiple towels at one go in our homes. But a hotel room is all about luxury and the freedom to exercise it. Leaving extra Bath Towels will make your guests feel pampered. For a guest, clean, soft, large-sized towels are key indicators of the importance you give to hygiene.

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Guest Room Safe

This can be the most valuable service to your guest. Many a times guests travel with valuables and cash. They could be wary of carrying it with them always and may also be sceptical of leaving it in the hotel room in open cupboards and drawers. A Guest Room Safe can come to their rescue here.

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Hair Dryer

Grooming is a big part of a holiday or a business trip and getting one’s hair right is a big part of the grooming process. Set a Hair Dryer in the bathroom and the guests will know you care.

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Hotels undermine the importance of hangers in a hotel room and if they don’t, they think providing only a couple would suffice. Well, that’s just not true. A guest will need hangers and a lot of them too. The longer the stay, the more hangers required. While it might be difficult to customize the number of hangers provided for each guest, it would be easier to just leave out abundant hangers for all your guests. Also, providing both Men’s and Women’s Hangers will only make your guests feel more welcome.

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Iron and Iron Board

This is one of the most overlooked items in a hotel room. Guests are likely to have wrinkled clothes after travel and might really want an Iron and an Iron Board at their disposal. If there is not enough space in the room for the iron board, you can mount it over the door or provide a table-top ironing board instead.

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Luggage Rack

The first thing your guest might want to do in the room is set his/her luggage in place. Most hotels provide no definite space for luggage and guests take a while to figure where to keep their bags. This means that the first few minutes in the room itself get stressful for the guest. Having a Luggage Rack will ensure your patrons begin their stay on a positive note.

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Table Lamps

This is a given but not all exercise. More often than not, hoteliers provide a bedside lamp and forget about the table lamp. A table lamp is a must-have for the simple reason that not all guests like working on the bed. Guests on business trips need a space for them to sit comfortably and go about their tasks. A Table Lamp with a soothing and vision-friendly light is just what they would love.

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Having no place to discard the garbage is not a situation you want your guest to be in. Keep a wastebasket handy in the bedroom and the bathroom. Be careful while choosing the spot to keep it though. A Wastebasket should not be the first thing your guests see when they enter.

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