10 AGH Supply Products You Must Try!

AGH Supply has been a partner of the hospitality industry in the US for very long time. Our experience through the years has led us to identify the needs and demands of running a hotel. To meet these demands efficiently without compromising on quality has been our motto. This endeavour has led us to curate some of the best quality products ranging from Electronics, bedding collection, guestroom accessories, bed frames to cleaning supplies. Each product is appraised for quality and assessed for being economical to make life easier for hoteliers.

Out of our collection of about 500 products, today we bring to you 10 that you must try out.


AGH Supply T250 Stripe
Sheets and Pillow Cases

The hospitality industry has often underestimated the power of white stripe sheets and gone for the plains. While plain white sheets do make sleeping a cosy, comfortable affair, stripe sheets add in sophistication and a hint of luxury. With a strong thread count of 250, AGH Supply’s Stripe Sheets come all the way from the cotton king of the world – India. These are available for all bed sizes, in flat and fitted varieties. Make your guests happy with a luxury they didn’t pay for!


AGH Supply Microwave

The kitchen is most often the busiest department in a hotel. Cooking is a round-the-clock job and it is imperative you have the best equipments to keep it running. AGH Supply Microwaves come in dial and touch pad variants. Energy efficient and easy to operate, we bring these microwave units in the best available price range too!


AGH Supply Lighting

Researchers have claimed that lighting influences the mood. Well-placed lighting brings about positive feeling and vice versa. Further, bad lighting can make your room’s decor, food and furniture look less appealing. Inappropriate lighting also makes it difficult for the guests to go about their chores. Avoid all these hindrances with AGH Supply Lighting collection that includes table lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, and single and double wall mount lamps. Prioritize the needs of your guests today!


AGH Supply Wellington

Did you know that towels are known to have been invented in Turkey in the 17 th century? While they were first used in Turkish baths, the idea of a simple cotton piece of cloth soon evolved with incorporation of elaborate embroidered designs to make it more luxurious. While getting an embroidered towel is not an economical option, getting Wellington bath towels surely is. AGH Supply’s Wellington Towels are perfect to provide the finishing touch to a luxurious experience. Imported from India, these are made of 100% ring spun cotton. Quick to absorb and soft to the touch, these are a must if you wish to pamper your guests.


AGH Supply
Housekeeping Cart

Think of all the paraphernalia required to clean a guestroom. Housekeeping carts are a life saver here and help carry out the cleaning of spaces in the most efficient way possible. AGH Supply’s Housekeeping Cart has the perfect space to store everything required for the job. Equipped with two vinyl bags, two wire nets, a bumper kit and eight compartment organizers, these carts can be easily manoeuvred from one room to another. Gift your staff a housekeeping cart and win their loyalty and hearts.


AGH Supply Hangers

According to studies, providing extra hangers to hotel guests contributes in making them feel welcome. Happy guest not only means repeat customers but also good reviews in the market. AGH Supply Hangers are stylish, sturdy and durable. With exclusive styles for men and women, these hangers are sure to cosy up your guests!


AGH Supply Refrigerator

Few things are best served cold. A compact refrigerator in a guestroom allows your guests to store and enjoy drinks, food and water. The AGH Supply Tatung Refrigerator comes with a built-in freezer compartment, removable drip tray, 2 wire shelves, can dispenser and easy-to-access thermostat controller. Its high efficiency compressor consumes less power keeping your electricity bill in check.


Hotel Room Safe

Known for their quality and ease of use, DUSAW safes are the hotel industry’s favourite. Its security features, like the motorized locking mechanism and anti drill rotating bolts, are designed to deter any attempt of theft. Providing a safe haven to your guests for their valuables helps them enjoy their stay even more. Here’s the mantra an hotelier should not forget: Value their valuables and they will value you!


AGH Supply Trash Cans

No matter where you live or how big or small your business is, you will always need a trash can. AGH Supply Trash Cans come with a coating of steel powder that increases their life. These 35 gallon cans include removable leak-proof trash liner and an ashtray. Available in both indoor and outdoor models, these are a must for your property!


AGH Supply Coffee and Condiments

Buy 4 Get 1 free always sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, we have this offer on coffee all year long! The sweet offerings from Cafe Italia and Bromley tea are a highlight of AGH Supply Coffee and Condiment collection. Buy yours now!

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