Design first aid kit according to your location and industry


Put policies and procedures in writing and communicate it to your employees periodically


Train your staff in using the first aid kit


Make one person in charge and given them the responsibility of choosing the types and amounts of first-aid supplies and for maintaining these supplies


Store the supplies in an area that is easily accessible when the need arises

And now, here is the list of first aid supplies recommended by the OSHA/ANSI and the CDC/Red Cross. You can get a first aid kit from the Red Cross or make your own with the help of this list.

Sr. No. OSHA/ANSI (Class A) CDC/Red Cross
1 Adhesive Bandages Absorbent Compress Dressings
2 Adhesive Tape Adhesive Bandages
3 Antibiotice Treatment Application Adhesive Cloth Tape
4 Antiseptic Application Antibiotic Ointment
5 Breathing Barrier Antiseptic Wipes
6 Burn dressing, gel soaked Aspirin
7 Burn Treatment Emergency Blanket
8 Cold Pack Breathing Barrier
9 Eye Covering Cold Compress
10 Eye Wash Nonlatex gloves
11 First Aid Guide Gauze roll
12 Hand Sanitizer Roller Bandage
13 Pair Exam Gloves Sterile Gauze Pads
14 Roller Bandage Oral Thermometer
15 Scissors Triangular Badges
16 Sterile Pad Tweezers
17 Trauma Pad Emergency First Aid Guide
18 Triangular Badge