How Hotel Mattress Pads Can Help You Revolutionize Your Guests’ Sleeping Experience?

Hotel beds are a huge investment when opening a hotel or motel hospitality business. Every hotel room has to come with at least one bed – and the bed better be supportive and comfortable. As we know, mattresses and bed frames aren’t cheap, which is why you want to do everything you can to invest in the integrity and longevity of these products. Not to mention, ensuring your guests are enjoying their sleeping experiences will make or break the survival of your business.

There’s one solution out there that helps you guarantee all of these things are being met: mattress pads.

What is a Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a thick piece of quilted material that sits on top of the mattress, below the sheets. The mattress pad can you to protect the structure of the mattress to some degree from wear and tear, while reducing allergens, and anything else from making contact with the mattress. Depending the mattress pad purchased, it can also make the sleeping experience feel lighter and comfier, especially when dealing with older mattresses.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a mattress pad this year for your hotel-motel business:

Sleeping Experience

Above everything else, your guests’ overall sleeping experience is critical to your success. If guests feel they are missing out on restful sleep, they will surely never consider your hotel again. Therefore, a mattress pad is an easy way to add a layer of comfortable foam to the bed, helping guests to drift off into a relaxing sleep. If your hotel beds are old, this is a great way to give them new life.

Wear and Tear Protection

As a thick piece of quilted material positioned atop of the mattress, mattress pads will catch all of the skin particles, grease, and just wear and tear of humans tossing and turning all evening. It’s much easier – and cheaper – to replace mattress pads than it is to get entirely new mattresses. By laying one down, it will act as a buffer between the thousands of guests you get per year in that room, while acting as a viable investment for you.

Allergen Reduction

Depending on what guests track into the hotel, many different allergens, dander, and so forth and brought in via clothing and laid into the mattress. People severely suffer from different allergies today, which is why you want to keep the allergens at bay if possible. Mattress pads will catch them before they have a chance to burrow into the mattress forever. Allergens are incredibly hard to remove from the seams of a mattress.

AGH Hospitality Supply

We know how expensive and time-consuming new mattress introduction can be, which is why we carry a variety of mattress pads for twin through King sized mattresses today. As a wise investment from the get-go, lay mattress pads down on your beds as soon as possible to buffer the wear and tear from your guests.

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