16" Metal Bed Frame

Design Standard ISO 19833

Full Size Bed Frame

The history of the full-size beds goes back to the Renaissance period when the beds became elaborate.

Today, the full-size bed, also known as the double bed, is often considered the standard bed size for single sleepers, giving maximum comfort within a small budget. Same in length as the twin bed, full beds are 16 inches wider. The extra width allows for a companion, pet, or favorite body-pillow.

Queen Size Bed Frame

Believed to be invented for Queen Elizabeth I, the queen-size bed are today a popular choice for master bedrooms in homes and premium guest rooms in hotels. With ample space, the queen-size beds today reign supreme in the mattress world. The popularity of the queen-size beds has made it easier to shop for accessories to go with this bed, making it a perfect blend of comfort and value.

King Size Bed Frame

Historians believe that the first king-sized bed was created in 1890, and was far larger than a modern-day king: it could fit 15 people. In fact, the original sits at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The modern king-size bed has been reduced to 76” x 80”, an ideal size for a couple to stretch out without disturbing each other’s sleep.

Full XL Heavy Duty Platform Metal Bed Frame

A full-size bed frame is made for comfort and can submerge the mattress up to an inch inside the frame. The bed frame is metal and lightweight, fire and water-resistant, making it perfect for you and your family. It is easy to move and assemble, which makes it the right choice for hotels or motels. It can submerge the mattress up to an inch inside the bed frame

queen size Heavy Duty PLATFORM-METAL-BED FRAME by AGH supply

Queen Platform Metal Bed Frame

Queen-size bed frame is the right choice as the mattress goes an inch inside the frame and the Platform metal bed frame gives the proper support for your body. It would be best if you got this because it is lightweight and easy to assemble and move around. It is safe as it is fire and water-resistant, making it perfect for your guest. The bed frame can accommodate the mattress with a submergence of up to one inch.

King Size Platform Bed Base

A King-size platform bed base typically consists of a rectangular frame made of metal materials. It is reinventing comfort, a bed frame that can quickly submerge the mattress for a better good night’s sleep than ever. A metal bed frame that is easy to assemble with a metal bed frame built for your comfort. It is lighter than the conventional wooden frame. The frame is fire and water-resistant, perfectly safe for you anywhere.


Durable High Strength Metal Bed Frame

Weight Capacity up to 3650 LBS (1660 KGS) Impact Load Tested


  • Quick DIY assembly with minimal tools
  • Rigid and robust strength
  • Zero maintenance
  • Metal net frame for higher comfort
  • Long life
  • Lighter than a wooden bed frame
  • Cannot be damaged by water
  • Fire retardant

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