Going Biodegradable It’s our mess, let’s clean it!

With the Earth warming up at a rapid pace every year, it is now pertinent that each of us takes measures to save ourselves and our future. Global temperature is rising and so is the carbon dioxide level. Glaciers are melting and pieces of plastic can now be found in the arctic waters.

What does this have to do with the hospitality industry?

There are more than 50,000 hotels and hospitality properties in the US. Most hotels use products made from petrochemicals for their cost-effectiveness. But we rarely ponder over the effects of what we do. Let’s do that now. Here are a few essential plastic items used in hotels with the number of years they take to decompose.

Plastic bottles 70 to 450 years
Plastic bag 500 to 1000 years
Tin Can 50 years
Cotton 1 to 5 months
Cigarette 1 to 12 years
Milk tetra covers and drink packets 5 years
Glass bottles 1,000,000 years
Aluminum can 200 years


These numbers seem unbelievable but are true. Most trash we innocently generate will stay on the planet for much longer than we will.

What can we do about this?

The answer is pretty simple – use Biodegradable Products. In fact, environmental awareness has led to the sprouting of many businesses that offer biodegradable options for most of the things you need – from toothpaste to cutlery to containers and trash bags. These are made from corn, sugarcane, bamboo and hence decompose quickly. Biodegradable plastic bags are becoming a trend now! They are commonly produced with renewable raw materials, micro-organisms, petrochemicals, or a combination of all three. The microbial degradation of this plastic is much faster and they decompose fully in three to six months.

Another way of tackling this issue is introducing a 4R policy for waste management in your hotel.


Reduce: Create as little waste as possible. A hotel guest generally generates around 2lb of waste per night, more than half of it in paper, plastic and cardboard.


Recover: Establish a waste management system where the waste is collected and sorted. This eases the process of recycling and reusing.


Reuse: Take guidance on ways to reuse waste. You can also sell or donate to organizations that can reuse them.


Recycle: Studies show that at least 30 per cent of a hotel’s solid waste can be sorted for recycling. This will indirectly be reducing the amount of waste generated.
It is time we take action to save our beautiful planet from turning into a big ball of trash. It is our mess, let’s clean it ourselves.

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