Here are a few tips for washing blankets:

Read instruction

Most bedding materials come with their own set of washing
instructions. Before you set on to washing the blankets, carefully read the label for special care instructions.

Regular wash

Wash the blankets once every two weeks. One way to ensure your blanket
doesn’t get dirty soon is by placing a thin bedsheet over it to avoid it getting in direct contact with the skin.

Dry only 80% after wash

Completely drying a blanket causes it to shrink. Take it out of
the dryer when it’s about 80% dry and then hang it outside in open air.

Use a pillow cover

If your blanket tends to shed in the washing machine, place it in a
large pillowcase and then put it in the washer.

Use softener

Hard water can make the blankets rough. Use a fabric softener to keep the
blankets soft. To ensure the softener spreads evenly all over the blanket, mix some of it in a cup of water and add the solution in the washer that is filled with water.


Did you know blankets don’t actually generate any heat?
When one covers oneself with a blanket, it merely traps the body heat inside, keeping the body warm.