Variety of Food: When it comes to breakfast, each individual has his/her own preference. Some have juice, some tea/coffee, some both. Some like their bread un-toasted with butter, some like it toasted. The list can go on. Using a few simple kitchen gadgets, like coffee maker and toaster, you can serve a wide variety of food and please every guest.


Local Cuisine: Don’t forget to lay out a separate section of local cuisine for the curious tourists.


Serving Niche: Youngsters are more and more opting for low-calorie food and vegan cuisine is also catching up fast. Add these options on the menu and you will be good to go!


Happy Staff: Train your staff in welcoming the guests and treating them with warmth. Receiving smiles early morning refreshes the mind. Also, some guests can get fussy with the choice of their food. Your staff will need to be patient.


Live Egg Counter: This goes without saying but a little bit of reiteration does not hurt. Eggs are one of the most important items of breakfast. But everyone likes it in a different way. Some like it as an omelet, some prefer boiled, while some go for scrambled. A live counter can cater to each of these needs.