How to Select the Right Bed Linens for Your Hotel ?

As a hotel manager, you know that the finer details are much more important than the overall impression at your operation. Hotels exist in a superficial industry, which is why your attention and commitment to detail will make or break your guests’ overall experience. In each individual room, that means that overall ambience, color-coordination, quality products, and interior design need to line up in order to wow your patron.

When it comes to the hotel bed, guests expect big, grandiose, comfortable, and supportive, with high quality linens that make them drift off into a blissful slumber.

If you feel like your bed linens are not reflective of the experience you want to supply for your guests, here are a few tips for selecting a bed linen that is right for your hotel-motel supply:

Thread Count

As you know, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious and soft feeling the bed linen. In the 120-170 range, guests paying for cheaper, shorter stays should expect this kind of experience. At 200, the bed linen is cool and light, perfect for your beds in the summer time. At 250, guests can experience a softer, more luxurious experience that will make their stay worthwhile.

The Fabric

This is where you get to let your personality and preference shine through in the fabric selection process. Plain, pattern-less linens can support a crazy design and interior room, adding some balance and predictability so everything isn’t all over the place. But, maybe you have a seaside bed & breakfast with plain navy and white walls. Then a striped bed linen could come in and add the finishing touch the room was missing.

Pillow Cases

Of course, coordinating with the bed linens must also be the pillow cases, which are the first components of the bed that greet your guests. As a place that catches their weary heads every night, your pillow cases, too, should be of high quality with an overall luxurious appearance that warrants a great first impression.

Testing it Out

It’s wise to test out your linen and pillow case pairing in your room designs before giving it the go for the rest of the hotel. Sometimes, color and pattern pairings don’t go according to plan, which is why you want to provide yourself with the ability to make changes and really work on the bed linen setting before you confirm the final selection.

AGH Hospitality Supply

Here at AGH Hospitality Supplies, we carry a variety of bed linens for you to choose from. Look over our T200 white sheets and pillow cases, T200 color sheets and pillow cases, T200 stripe sheets and pillow cases, T250 white sheets and pillow cases, and T250 stripe sheets and pillow cases.

We understand how important the bedding and bedroom appearance is in your hotel – in many cases, it’s everything! Consider our high quality, affordable bed linens and pillow case sets today.

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