Bed sheets form the major deliverable among the hotel linen supply that creates a benchmark of quality for hotel-motel standards. As soon as your guest enter the room in the hotel, he/she is instinctively drawn towards the crispy white bed sheet spread over the bed with elegance. The quality and appearance of the hotel bed sheets are mighty capable of prolonging the stay of your guests casting a fine impression of your hotel. So why not focus on few handy tips to order wholesale bed sheets from a reliable hospitality supplier.



Sheet fabrics are differentiated based on the weave, which are primarily of two types Sateen and Percale. Both these weaves have their individual characteristics hence choosing either of them is based on your personal preference, feel and comfort level.

Sateen:In sateen weave, there are more thread count on the upper side making it softer to touch and to bear a characteristic shine. However it gets warm very quickly and hence is usually preferred in places with colder climates or during winter season.

Percale: It is weaved with alternate over and under thread count, giving it a crispier and non-shiny effect. It is more breathable and is a preferred fabric during summers. Application of different fabrics can also add required softness or crispiness to percale sheets.



Hotel supply sheets should not only have an optimum thread count but should be economical as well. Thread count establishes the grading of the sheets, although the fabric of the sheet also holds much importance.

Thread count of 120-170 are used in thin material with a more basic usage. 200-300 thread count are cooler, crisper fabric preferred by most hotels and motels. A quality product in budget these bed sheets provide greater tensile strength and are more resistant to rips or snags. The thread count above 300 can be more fuller, luxurious and softer. Up to 1000 thread count is considered the most superior for a fabric but its strength decreases proportionally.



Flat sheets, also known as top sheets are usually put between the blanket and the bed. These are flat and cover the bed crisply and can be folded easily. On the other hand
fitted sheets are used to cover the mattresses and have elastic corners to fit in according to the size of the mattress. They are usually used below the top sheet.



Size of the bed sheets are an important factor to be considered before buying. The bed sheet size should be equivalent to mattress and the bed size. Flat bed sheets are available in sizes of Full flat sheet (81″x 110″) Queen flat sheets (90″x110″) and King flat sheets (10″x110″) respectively. Similarly Full fitted bed sheets come in sizes of regular (54″x 80″), Queen fitted sheets (60″x 80) & King fitted sheet (78″x 80″). Deep Pocket Sheets are regular fitted bed sheets with the pocket size ranging from 12″ to 14″ or up to 22″ in case of extra deep pockets. With increasing thread count, the size of the sheet increases, thereby increasing the pocket size.

AGH supply stands committed to deliver superior quality bed sheets. We specialize in wholesale bed sheets supply for hotels offering T200 & T250 thread count bed sheets in variable sizes and denominations of white, color and stripe sheets.

Spread indulgence for your guests with our high quality, crisp, cool, economical range of hotel bed sheets which are high in strength and comfort.

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