A quick guide to help you choose the right bath towels for your property.

No matter what the purpose of travelling is – business or leisure and no matter how diverse hotel stay preferences are, from budget, mid-range to world class; or from hourly, overnight to the extended ones, the one thing that every guest looks for is a comfortable stay.
The moment a guest walks into a hotel room, every single detail counts for making it an experience that’s worth coming back to, especially the finer aspects of bed & bath linen. If you are a hotelier, who wants to leave a lasting impression on guests, start with finding the most fitting bath towels for your property. The pointers below are meant to make you an expert in choosing the right product.

An expert hotelier knows just the touch is not enough to identify how good or bad the towel is. Factors like the cotton fibers, texture, absorbency, durability, along with how and where it will be used, influence the decision of a sensible buyer.
Do you know that towels made from American Pima cotton are known for their strength and exquisite softness, while the ones made from micro-cotton, woven from extraordinarily long loops, are known for high absorption and a luxurious touch!
Another popular cotton type is Egyptian cotton, which means towels wouldn’t only be durable but have unmatchable breathability. While you make your choice, don’t forget to consider Turkish Cotton towels as well. They are known for their natural sheen. Organic Cotton towels, on the other hand, are for those who prefer an eco-friendly character for their property.

GSM is grams per square meter. In this case, grams of cotton fibers per square meter, measuring the density of the towel. Knowing the optimum fiber count, absorbency grades, and ideal weight can take you a long way in keeping the bath towels that perfectly suit the expected genre of guests. Apply a simple logic of the trade: more the cotton, more absorbent the towel is, and lesser the cotton, less absorbent, and hence, lower the price.

If you need a cool fabric, ideal for summers and budget hotels, go for something close to 200 gsm. If it is about durability and moderate opulence, 400- 500 gsm is the best and most popular among hotel chains. And if you are looking for lavish indulgence, 800 gsm & above has perfectly rich feel and luster!

A regular bath towel size ranges from 27 x 52 inches to 30 x 58 inches. Typically used for drying after bath/shower, it can also be replaced with bath sheets. A bath sheet is oversized but can solve dual purpose of use after bath/shower and swimming/beach.
Check if your property needs a tub mat – to provide a dry place to land after bathing or the decorative ones in the category of hand or finger towels – to add color, extravagance or branded accent to the hotel room.

The great variety of bath linen available online, gives you the freedom to choose what your property demands. You are going to consider factors like harmonizing bath linen with décor, ambiance, and the overall personality of your property. But having the basic knowledge about the quality, available sizes, fabrics, durability, will make you choose the best to elevate the bathing experience and hence, the stay of your guests.

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